Connor McCann

Connor McCann

PhD Student, Mechanical Engineering

Harvard University

I’m currently a mechanical engineering PhD student at Harvard University studying robotics. My engineering interests include soft robotics, design optimization, solid mechanics, and robotic grasping/manipulation, and I’ve worked in a number of research labs and companies related to these topics. This site is meant as a place for me to describe more about myself and my experiences, keep running updates on my various on-going projects, and hopefully better convey the things that truly excite me. Thus, it’s somewhat of an assortment of professional, personal, and random content, which hopefully will be of interest.

A bit about me: I was born and raised in the Boston area, which gave me a lot of great engineering opportunities while growing up due to the city’s strong robotics industry. I was fortunate to be able to intern in a few labs at nearby universities throughout high school that really sparked my interest in research. This carried through into my undergraduate studies at Yale where I worked with Mechanical Engineering Professor Aaron Dollar to develop a novel type of robotic hand intended for dexterous, within-hand manipulation. It was truly through this project—where I was entrusted with independently directing my own research and seeing a concept through to its conclusion—that I ultimately decided to pursue a career in academic research. In my PhD studies at Harvard, I’m working with Professors Conor Walsh and Katia Bertoldi to develop computational models for textile soft-robotic actuators, with the ultimate goal of utilizing these models for design optimization purposes. In particular, I am focused on the development of an assistive “exosuit” device for medical and industrial shoulder joint assistance.

I invite you to explore the pages on my site to better get an idea of what I am like as an engineer and a person. Additionally, information can be found on my current resume or CV.