I joined the Yale Club Archery Team—of which I am now a captain—in the fall of 2015, and have loved getting into the sport over the past few years. I’ve recently purchased my own bow (a Hoyt HPX target recurve bow) and have tried to practice on my own, in addition to the team practices during the school year. Archery is a very interesting pursuit, in my opinion, because it is entirely dependent on one’s own self control and ability to discipline oneself to be as consistent as possible. Thus, its a very relaxing way to end a week by shooting with the team and forgetting about everything except where the last arrow landed. I look forward to continuing with the archery team during the rest of my time at Yale.


I’ve played the Great Highland Bagpipes since the fall of 2011. Prior to that, I was always interested in my Scottish heritage, and figured learning the pipes would be an interesting experience. I currently own both a set of Great Highland pipes, as well as a set of Scottish Smallpipes. In 2016, I played at Yale’s graduation for my residential college, Trumbull College. In the coming years, I would like to begin competing in EUSBPA competitions.

Ham Radio

Since 2010, I’ve held a General Class amateur radio license under the call sign KB1UDN. I used to be a member of the Clay Center Amateur Radio Club (W1CLA), where I served as Net Control Coordinator and Treasurer. I’ve also been involved with emergency communications, running medical communications for the Boston Marathon from 2011–2014 and serving as a Skywarn weather spotter. I haven’t been very active the past few years, but hope to change that as I’ve joined the Yale Amateur Radio Club (W1YU), which is just now trying to rebuild itself and get undergraduates interested in amateur radio.